Directorate of Rationing:


  • The Directorate of Rationing operates within the ambit of W.B. Urban Public Distribution (Maintenance & Control) Order, 2013.
  • It carries out Public Distribution work throughout Kolkata and adjacent industrial areas of Howrah, Hooghly, Baarckpore and Asansol comprising 5 Municipal Corporations, 28 Municipalities, 6 Anchal Panchayats, 1 Cantonment Board and 1 protected area.

Organisational set-up

  • The Director of Rationing functions as the administrative head of the U.P.D.S. (S.R.) area.
  • The S.R. area is divided into six sub-controls, each headed by one Deputy Director of Rationing.
  • Under each sub-control there are a number of sub-areas looked after by Rationing Officers.

Name of sub-control No. of sub-area
Kolkata – South 10
Kolkata – North 13
Howrah 6
Hooghly 8
Barrackpore 13
Asansol 6
Total: 56

  • There are five (05) Deputy Directors of Rationing and nine (09) Assistant Directors of Rationing in the Head Quarters with inspecting and clerical staff for
    i) Administration
    ii) Establishment
    iii)Commercial matters

Nature of operation

  • Issue / suspension / cancellation of Ration Cards.
  • Issue of licences to the Fair Price Shops and the Wholesalers.
  • Purchasing and lifting of food grains and distribution of the same to the beneficiaries under TPDS in prescribed scale and price.
  • Allocation and distribution of food grains during Ramjan and Puja under Festival Package.
  • Supply of food grains to Welfare Institution & Hostels.